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  • Marah arrives to Cairo.

    This week, 16-year-old Marah had scoliosis surgery at Shifa Hospital in Cairo by Dr. Hani Abduljawad. Marahl arrived in Cairo from Beit Lahya in Gaza, and was in dire need of surgery her family was not able to provide her. HEAL Palestine was honored to be able to sponsor her surgery and wish Marah a safe and fast recovery.

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  • Volunteer doctor, from our health advisory board, visits injured Gaza patients in Egypt.

    Dr. Salman Dasti, a volunteer anesthesiologist from the Bay Area, visits the HEAL patient Ahmed and his mother in a hospital in Egypt. Dr. Dasti is helping to evaluate injured Gaza children in Egypt for treatment abroad through HEAL’s Global Healing Program.

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  • Taleen Arrived to Philadelphia.

    This week, 4-year-old Talin, who arrived from Egypt with her mother, older brother and injured younger brother Elias for treatment at the Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia. Talin suffered severe injuries to her legs, and her bother Elias lost his left leg in a bombing that also killed their 12-day old sister.

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  • HEAL Palestine – Al Kuwaiti Field Hospital is now open.

    The HEAL Palestine Field Hospital opened in Gaza and is now providing dedicated and socialized health care services to patients in Mawasi area of Khan Younis. Working in cooperation with Kuwait Specialized Hospital and their professional staff, the field hospital will continue to grow and treat patients with all kinds of emergency, surgical and primary needs.

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  • Sarah, 17, Released from the Hospital.

    Sarah, 17, was just released  from Staten Island University Burn Center, where she went through life-saving operations and extensive treatment for three months in the ICU.

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  • Tala Arrives to a Warm Welcome in Cleveland.

    14-year-old Tala was injured in the bombing of her home in Gaza in January, and was brought by HEAL Palestine to Cleveland for medical care. She arrived on May 20th to a warm welcome by the local community as she starts her healing journey in Ohio.

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  • HEAL Palestine continues to support mental healthcare.

    Nearly all children in Gaza are suffering from psychological trauma. HEAL Palestine is providing private and group session to these children and their mothers, including in besieged Northern Gaza.

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  • Malek Arrives in Florida for Treatment.

    7-year-old Malek and his 6-year-old sister Ghena arrived in northeastern Florida to start treatment, following the bombing of their home in Gaza.

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June 1, 2024

Thank you for highlighting Hadi’s journey to recovery in St. Louis.

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