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  • Sherin Starts Walking Again.

    Sherin is getting her leg today after the 11 year old was injured in a bombing of her home in Gaza. Thanks to Northwell and Hanger Prosthetics in Long Island.

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  • HEAL implements makeshift classrooms in Gaza.

    This week, our Aid team began building small classrooms out of tents, for children who have been out of school since the first week of October. Additionally, students will be monitored for any issues with psychological trauma and supported by our mental health team.

  • HEAL Trains Teachers for Trauma-Informed Education.

    Today, Dr. Hasan Elkhawajah, head of our mental health program in Gaza, conducted a training session for new teachers in Rafah. These teachers will be working in makeshift classrooms established by HEAL for traumatized students. Supporting teachers in identifying and assisting these children is a crucial aspect of our humanitarian efforts in Gaza.

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  • Leyan receives treatment in Chicago.

    14-year-old Gaza girl, Leyan, receives treatment in Chicago after losing legs in bombing, with the help of non-profit HEAL Palestine.

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  • Help HEAL build a new NICU in Gaza.

    HEAL Palestine is building a new neonatal ICU in the Kuwaiti Hosptial in Rafah to help reduce the overcrowding of Gaza’s mostly-destroyed health system.

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About HEAL

Join Us to HEAL the Children of Gaza

Through Health, Education, Aid, and Leadership, HEAL Palestine is working to provide every young Palestinian in Gaza a chance for a brighter future.

With your support, we provide urgent and long-term solutions to Gaza’s youth, offering hope and opportunities where they are needed most. Only through our collective efforts, can Gaza’s youth be healed.

HEAL Palestine is a nonpolitical, nonprofit humanitarian organization with leaders with more than three decades of building programs and projects in Palestine. Every contribution is critical to creating a world where Gaza’s youth have a chance at a better life.

Our Pillars

We are on a Mission to HEAL Gaza’s Youth

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HEAL Palestine is committed to treating injured and sick youth for free, providing mental health support for traumatized youth, sponsoring volunteer medical missions to treat injured youths in Gaza, and building up the health sector through international programs.



HEAL Palestine is developing programs and projects to address the immediate and long-term educational needs of children in Gaza, with the goal of rebuilding the education system for a brighter future.



HEAL Palestine provides urgent humanitarian aid to those who need it most, including feeding thousands of children a day, shelter, clothing, and other basic necessities to save the lives of innocent Gaza children.



HEAL Palestine knows that our greatest resources are the next generation of youth and our dedication volunteers outside of Palestine. Connecting them to help provide those youth who have been most directly affected is the main goal of this program, which we are building for the day after the ceasefire.

HEAL Palestine is hiring (USA)!

HEAL Palestine is a leading nonprofit bringing dozens of injured kids to the USA for free care in the coming months. We are hiring full-time Arabic-speaking global healing social workers (USA) to help manage the patients during their treatment.

You can find the job description here

Please apply based on qualifications to HR@healpalestine.org.

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Please help us change lives around Palestine.

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